Our Story

The Story… (back to the beginning)


Verity & Me started as a collaboration between five creative friends & colleagues with many years’ diverse experience across the Fashion Industry-in design, buying, photography, sourcing & product development etc.
Our aim was to simply create conscious luxury nightwear, resort & occasion-wear using beautiful recycled fabrics in exclusively designed prints. We wanted our customer to both look & feel amazing in Verity & Me designs.
We passionately believe the fast fashion short-life model is a thing of the past- we aim to slow it all down with carefully curated pieces that should stay in your collection for years to come without looking outdated.


Our Aims & Aspirations… (we totally believe in you our customer!)


Our main mission is to make women feel good about themselves, look glamorous & sexy- regardless of age or size, in easy to wear luxe pieces with longevity. We support body positivity and will never retouch bodies or faces in our social media pics- #no filter! Embracing all forms of beauty - we strongly believe everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. Celebrate this with us when you send your pics to us wearing our Verity & Me collection pieces- we love to show you off too on our social media posts! X


The Journey forward…


We want to boost your wellbeing (our grand passion!) in our new range of botanical scented accessories- Secret Botanics. Our hand poured scented candles launch in July with beautiful limited edition printed boxes and amazing scent combo’s blended for us by our artisan candle maker in Northern Ireland. We also have some exciting new products in development & testing… shh they’re still a secret! We will announce the soon.. watch this space… All these products are Vegan & Cruelty Free (absolutely no animal testing!) We use Recyclable/Recycled materials, including all packaging, glass jars labels etc.


How we did it…(with planet earth in mind!)


We started by sourcing and testing (not on animals!) the best-performing recycled fabric & yarns where possible which would both look amazing and be easy care. Our recycled yarns are guaranteed to be from post-consumer PET, never from virgin plastics. The beautiful & exclusive digital prints you see are designed & produced in the UK using a low water usage VEGAN soy inks system- OEKOTEKS CERTIFIED. They will not fade, remaining colourfast to retain their vibrancy for years to come- we just don’t do throwaways!

We try to use fabrics that can be washed at very low temperatures, even in cold water,  and always recommend using environmentally friendly small sheet detergents like Earth Breeze, Tru Earth and similar products that come in recycled card packaging, and are small and compact for reducing our carbon footprint, negating the need to transport & recycle endless large plastic detergent bottles. (More room in your laundry cupboard too!) We also use Zero Plastic in our garment packaging- all our bags are either compostable PLA or plant-based Cellophanes! This normally biodegrades naturally in the soil in under 6 months, leaving no trace.


We care enough to Be Fair… (our conscience is clear!)


Cheap clothing comes at a great cost to everyone!

You’ll have seen a lot of scary posts on Social Media in the past where retailers have been exploiting factories both at home & overseas by not paying a fair price for their goods, turning a blind eye to unethical working conditions. In our opinion, there is no justification for profiting from the exploitation of others. It is at the core of our ethos- We believe in paying a proper price to our factories and have regular spot inspections of the working conditions & manufacturing quality to ensure that we don’t unwittingly turn a blind eye to harmful & unethical practices in our supply chain. We know that you, our customer care deeply about this too!